Frequently asked questions


What is an ICO?
An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a derivative from the known expression IPO (Initial Public Offering, or stock market launch) which refers to cryptocurrency fundraising. An ICO can allow the financing of a new blockchain, but in most cases, the ICO is set up to issue a token, a coin or to create a Dapp (decentralized application) based on an existing blockchain such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

What will I be able to do with my Yobank?
YoBank is similar to the official currency of a country. It is a decentralized currency of a certain value, with which you can buy products and services or invest. It will be possible to buy, sell or transfer your YoBank to your contacts, wherever they are in the world, in a totally private way. You will also have the option to withdraw your YoBank, in cryptocurrency ATMs around the world already installed and in function, and exchange them for cash.

Is it safe?
The cryptocurrency is currently the safest currency. Unlike cash, you cannot lose it or have it robbed. No bank will be able to validate your transactions or to take fees on your transactions. It's your money and no one will be able to scrutinize your operations.

What does "potential profit" mean?
The potential profit displayed is based on the eventuality that all Yobank are sold during the pre-sale.


Development Calendar

Yo International's team is constantly working on revolutionalizing the era of cryptocurrency by developing the following environments and services as quickly as possible

YoBank Card

YOBANK Bank will operate on the principles of an Open API, employing reputable innovations and service within the framework of payment and data processing industry.

Actual cryptocurrencies are hard to understand and complicated to buy, especially for unexperienced people, and even more so when it comes to selling your cryptocurrency and spending your money.

YoBankCard can be used anywhere in the world and will be connected directly to your YoBankWallet. It will give you the opportunity to spend your money in a totally confidential way. Buy yourself a trip or a new smartphone, book a flight or buy an item on eBay. Your YobankCard will follow you wherever you go and you will moreover receive a discount of up to 10% (depending on the type of card you choose) in YoBank on all of your purchases.

Every purchase you make with your YoBankCard will guarantee you a perfect interbank exchange rate without fees. You will never have to worry about exchange rates, you will always get the best current rate. An incredible advantage and a profitable peace of mind!

Live the YoBankCard experience. More than a credit card, it represents peace of mind, absolute anonymity and ease of use.